Musical Adventures with The Debussy Trio

Welcome to Musical Adventures from The Debussy Trio, a chamber music group comprised of Flute, Viola and Harp.  The concert that we present is an interactive musical event. 

Adults are often skeptical whether “kids today” can relate to classical music.  Children definitely relate to classical music if it is presented to them in an enjoyable way.  Our experience and success prove this to be true.  This presentation will open their eyes and ears to new possibilities.

Our main objective is to educate in an entertaining manner. 

Watch our new Musical Adventures Video, or download the Teacher’s Materials below.

These materials are a guideline designed to help you prepare your class for our video.  A little preparation will make the show more enjoyable for everyone.  If you already know a lot about music, please use this packet as a starting place.  If you are not comfortable teaching music, the projects herein will help you!  

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